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You are from the Netherlands? Welcome! Join us and spend your beach vakantie with us. Improve, enjoy and have fun!

Who we are and what we do

We are the Beach-Academy. We love beach volleyball! We enjoy training, playing and beach life. And we want you to join us.

From beginner up to professionals - we offer the biggest range of camps, training and workshops in europe.

We bring you to the next level! With fun and passion.

About us

In 2006 the Beach-Academy was founded by beach-volleyball.de.  The idea was to create a brand which connects professionell Players with everybody who wants to learn this sport or increase his skill level. Today, almost ten years later the Beach-Academy became the biggest provider of professionell Beach Volleyball Training, Camps and Workshops in whole europe. And the idea is still the same.

In the last years the Academy has got more than 14.000 participants. More than 150 Coaches are working for us and we have got camps in seven countries.

How it works

When you decide to visit one of the Beach-Academy Camps you need to send us a booking enquiry with your personal details and we gonna send you some informations about the camp you are interested in. Our own beach-volleyball.de travel agency is able to book your flight, your hotel and certainly the Beachcamp. You can choose if you want to book halfday or fullday training. After the booking progress is finished you will get the accounting documents. That´s it!

Booking enquiry

You want to join the Beach-Academy? Send us your enqiury!

The next Beachcamps in autumn 2015 at the Paradise Side Beach

bis 14.04.2017
Paloma Paradise Side Beach Beachcamp/Turnierwoche 1 Paloma Paradise Side Beach (Türkei)
bis 14.04.2017
Paloma Paradise Side Beach/Türkei YoungStar-Camp 1 Paloma Paradise Side Beach (Türkei)
bis 22.04.2017
Paloma Paradise Side Beach/Türkei YoungStar-Camp 2 Paloma Paradise Side Beach (Türkei)
bis 21.04.2017
Paloma Paradise Side Beach Beachcamp/Turnierwoche 2 Paloma Paradise Side Beach (Türkei)
bis 29.04.2017
Paloma Paradise Side Beach/Türkei Beachcamp 3 Paloma Paradise Side Beach (Türkei)
bis 06.05.2017
Paloma Paradise Side Beach/Türkei Beachcamp 4 Paloma Paradise Side Beach (Türkei)

Meet the Pros

Madelein and Marleen with Britta and Karla

In Spring 2015 when everbody was trying to get back in shape, the three german nationalteams Holtwick/Semmler, Borger/Büthe and Ludwig/Walkenhorst were coming to the Beach-Academy Camp at Paradise Side Beach to use this opportunity to use high quality conditions and of course the world class training partners. And even the lovely european champions of 2014 Madelein and Marleen decided to take their part in this very special training camp and were joining the germans for two weeks. All four Teams are gonna meet at the world Championships in the netherlands. You should check out the invitation of Madelein and Marleen at the smart super Cup in Münster. 

We are very proud that we can regularly welcome different national and international Beach-Volleyball Teams at our Camps.


In 2015 we offer three different kinds of Beach-Camps. A Beach-Camp normaly takes 5 - 6 days and up to 25h of training.

The Breakers

There is only one thing you need to internalize: hang loose. All what you need is a boardshort, a ball and a nice pair of flip-flops. You can take a bikini instead of a boardshort if you like ;-) This place is as cool as it possibly can. Our courts are right in front of the red sea. Enjoy!

Paradise Side Beach

Our Academy Camp at the beautiful Paradise Side Beach is the most loved place for our germans customers. Spacious rooms, a huge Hotel area and the best all inclusive food you can get. When you walk along the beach you will understand why everybody is calling this place a Beachers Paradise.


The Beach-Academy Camp on the german island Borkum is unique in its organisation and offers a big range of different workshops. You can choose from different topics and create your own training schedule. You can practice what you have leranend in several tournaments.

consultation & offer

We offer a great range of Workshops, Trainings and Camps all around Europe. And we gonna support you in all steps of booking to find the Camp you are looking for. All you need to do is dialing +49 2381 273 98 52. Or even better: send a mail to urlaub (at) beach-volleyball(dot)de

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